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My greetings!
My greetings!

My name is Yaroslav Mykhailov and I am the owner and the thought leader of “TOP LEADER LTD”. Let me share with you the story of the creation and the development of our company, as well as tell about its mission, vision and principles.

Friendship and family values

The story of a food company “TOP LEADER” is a second-generation success story, whose development has always been indivisibly connected with friendship and family values. Thanks to the friendship of two university students – my father Nikolai and his friend Anatoly, the key stone was laid firmly and for many years to come.

After finishing the university, their friendship continued and grew into a partnership. They used to work together at the same plant in kolkhoz (Collective Farming). In 1993, shortly after the collapse of the USSR, my father started his own enterprise “Agrofirma Nasinnya” (Agricultural Seeds Company). His inspirer was his university friend Anatoly.
The company was and is still specializing in the selection, the creation and the realization of varieties and hybrids of sunflower seeds.

After graduating from high school, I went to work at my dad’s company. After I went to an agricultural technical college, served in the army and graduated from the Luhansk National University of Agriculture through distance learning.
In 2003 I became the director of “Agrofirma Nasinnya” and continued to follow what my father had begun.

The main direction in which the company works is creation of top-quality seeds with high productivity. Our products are made in accordance to all modern standards and since 2007 are produced under its own brand – “Semena Lidery ®” (Leading Seeds).

New direction in business

In the spring of 2008 we have decided to start processing confectionary sunflower seeds. The bulb lit up – we wanted to roast sunflower seeds. And so the trademark “Privet iz Kolkhoza” (Greetings from Kolkhoz) was founded, and was later widely recognized by its distinct taste and high quality.

And so starts the story of a new enterprise specializing in sunflower seeds processing. We purchased roasting and packaging machines, created a network of distributors and put up the benchmark of the quality of roasted sunflower seeds.
Since that time, we owned the following trademarks: “Privet iz Kolkhoza”, “Belaya Vorona”, “Prosto vkusnye semechki” and “Lakomka”.

Also in that period, the range of our products had become broader: roasted sunflower seeds, roasted and salted sunflower seeds, roasted sunflower kernels, roasted and salted sunflower kernels, as well as roasted sunflower kernels mixed with spiced squid pieces.

At this point in time, we produce out of our own sunflower variety “Champion” the following products: roasted sunflower seeds of trade marks “Pryvit vid druga” and “SYLA pryrody”, sunflower kernels “Kinders Zernyata”, “Taki Odessa!”, and “Yadrennyi Kalmarik”, as well as halva-spread “La’Stella”.

In 2020, we have grown the first Ukrainian quinoa variety “Olimp” and produce and sell quinoa grains, flakes and flour under trademark “Power of Nature”.


Our mission and values

Our mission:

“Top Leader” sees its mission as producing high-quality healthy products from all kind of plants, but primarily from confectionary sunflower seeds.

We are striving to become a company with an attractive image and unique values.

Our values:



    No great discovery was made without enthusiasm. First – seeing the goal, secondly finding ways and resources to achieve that goal. If you have enthusiasm you can accomplish what you want. In our worldview it is the basis of any progress.



    In our perspective, this term encompasses the following things: respect to yourself, others, the law and traditions, as well as fulfillment of promises to yourself and others. Courtesy gives one an opportunity to see and appreciate the best qualities in every human being.



    A strong cooperation helps to preserve firmer positions in the market in relation to the competitors. We expect each employee to have a steady focus on the common result; the result, whose success or failure depends on the personal contribution of every person involved.



    Development and constant improvement of business-processes depend not only on the company itself, but also on the reliability of the partners, employees and clients. For us, reliability means thoroughness, courtesy, responsibility and diligence.



    This quality includes the ability to see new in commonplace, original in traditional, possible in impossible. Being proactive is also to have a creative approach to everyday things that would allow other people around to see them in a new way.
    Proactiveness is an alloy of the will-power, hard work and competence.