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Confectionery Sunflower Seeds

“CHAMPION” is a seamless example of the best Ukrainian confectionery sunflower.
“CHAMPION” is a high-yield variety, which is suitable for an extensive cultivation.
Starting in 2019 the variety is listed in the State Register for the Protection of the Plant Varieties Rights.

Advantages of the sunflower variety “CHAMPION”:
– A significantly lower husk amount;
– An improved flavor profile, seeds have a natural sweet-nutty taste;
– The kernel is larger and denser, which ensures that all seeds are filled;
– Long storage time capacity due to the unique fatty acidic composition of the kernel.

Morphological and agronomic characteristics
– Ripening type: early ripe.
– Mass of 1000 seeds: up to 140 g. (with plant density at the time of harvesting 30 thousand plants/ha).
– Duration of the growing season: 110-115 days (from seedlings to harvest-ripe) .
– Plant height: 160-185 cm.
– Fat content: 42.0%.
– Protein content: 19.0%.
– Husk amount: 29.8%.
– Average yield: 2.8 -3.7 ton/ha.

Resistance to disease and stress
On a scale from 1 to 9:
– downy mildew (9)
– broomrape (9)
– lodging (8)
– rust (8)
– gray and white rot (9)
– sunflower phomosis (8)

Climate suitability:
Suitable for growing in all climatic conditions of Ukraine.

TOP LEADER LLC offers one of the best varieties of confectionary sun seeds in Ukraine.

“CHAMPION” is the real champion among confectionery sunflowers!