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Confectionery sunflower kernel is a great source of vegetable protein, moreover a protein that has a balanced amino acid composition.

We produce the kernel from the confectionary sunflower of the «Champion» variety, which has:

– An improved taste features – a natural sweet nutty taste;

– A larger and denser kernel;

– High storability due to the unique fatty acid composition.


Thanks to modern equipment and a special control system, the finished product is of very high quality:

– 99.8% purification,

– Absence of any foreign particles in the final product.

Kernel features of the confectionary sunflower variety «Champion».

It contains only 32-38% of vegetable fat, which ensures a long shelf life – up to 10 months.

Protein content up to 30%.

The kernels are clean, uniform, with a smell and taste typical to sunflower kernels.

Moisture content of the kernel is not more than 7%.

Ideal to use:

– In the confectionery industry: the basis for halva, kozinaki, glazed kernel (in chocolate, molasses, etc);

– In baking: when baking multi-component bread and buns;

– In the culinary industry: ingredient for muesli, topping on pies, cookies and as salad dressings;

– For manufacturers of sport nutrition, protein shakes or energy bars.

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